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"Delivering smart anesthesia monitoring"

Our Mission dictates the advancement of healthcare by making anesthesia monitoring simpler, smarter and efficient. Our solution provides a simple and at the same time top-notch interface that could be meaningful to all anesthetists regardless of their expertise level. This enables directions towards the digital healthcare allowing for reduced hospitalization time, mitigation of anesthesia related complications and improved patients’ life quality.

How it works?

  • Process physiological data from monitoring devices.
  • The software framework is modality agnostic. It means we can integrate it on any monitoring device.
  • It is distributed on mobile devices but can be also controlled by the device you prefer.
  • Its' core lies on a secure cloud which allows for all the benefits of cloud and distributed computing.



Real-time Monitoring

Fully automated intraoperative and ICU monitoring for depth of anesthesia.

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Advanced Machine Learning models based on patients' physiological parameters.

predictive modeling

Predictive modelling

Risk assessment for anesthesia workflow enhancement.

decision making

Decision Making

Support anesthetists make the best decision with clinical insightful reports.


The team of Aisthesis Medical is comprised of researchers working in the field of biomedical engineering.

Strong expertise and leadership is essential for delivering smart anesthesia monitoring.


Ioannis Gkouzionis

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Vasileios Dimakopoulos

Chief Scientific Officer & Co-founder

Sotirios Liliopoulos

Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

Lucas Paseiro Garcia

Chief Medical Officer

Alessia Marchesini

Business Developer

Our Supporters

Life Science Accelerator
Athens Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Egg - Enter Grow Go
MIT Enterprise Forum


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